Ngạn ngữ trong phòng Thí nghiệm

Khi các bạn phải làm thí nghiệm để hoàn tất đề tài tốt nghiệp đại học, cao học hay nghiên cứu sinh, luôn có điều đúng mà chúng ta phải để ý và thực hiện trong phòng lab để có thể đạt được kết quả nghiên cứu tốt nhất.

Dưới đây là những sưu tầm các bạn có thể đọc, trải nghiệm và thưởng thức bằng tiếng Anh. Nếu có thời gian, các bạn nên đọc và dịch toàn bộ các cau ngạn ngữ này. Và nếu các bạn có thể sáng tác những câu ngạn ngữ mới, các bạn có thể submit cho website tham khảo: để có thể đăng tải câu ngạn ngữ sáng tác của mình lên trên website đó.

• A day in the library can save a week in the hospital • A day in the library can save a week in the lab. • A gram in hand is worth two in the flask • A little contaminant makes a huge difference in color • A week in the lab can save you a day in the library. • Always keep the supervisor out of the lab: A one hour visit by The Old Man can set you back a month. • Always run a crude NMR • Anything is possible with a small equilibrium. • Change or you will be changed • Cleanliness is next to success • Cowboy first. You can be more careful later. And you’ll know you have to be in the future. • Decomp is never that far away. • do not reinvent the wheel • Don’t have time to do it right, but have time to do it again? • Don’t reinvent the wheel. • Excess equals success. • Expensive glassware begs to be broken • Experiments should be boring - explosions are NOT FUN • Garbage in, garbage out. • Getting a PhD isn’t about intelligence, it’s about perseverance. • 100% consumption of starting materials does not necessarily mean good reaction • If it is highly colored, you will spill it on yourself. • If it was easy it wouldn’t be worth such a fancy • If you don’t get what you like, try to like what you get. • If you spend all day on the internet…you may not graduate in time. • If you want to save time, do it right the first time around • In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is. • Just because you found it in literature doesn’t mean it’s correct • Just because your advisor references a paper and so does your book doesn’t mean the reaction works • Just carry it on to the next step, it’ll be easier to purify and isolate later. • Knowing the chemistry of a reaction before running it once is better than running it ten times without knowing anything. • Let it sit, and it goes to sh*&. • Love your chemistry, chemistry will love you! • Measure twice and cut (react) once • Never trust a label. • No one ever spends as much time in the lab as they think they need to-just more than they know they want to. • No one leaves details out of a paper without a reason. • No project is ever finished faster than you thought it would be. • One chemist’s side product/decomp is another chemists target. • Only a dry solvent is a good solvent. • Projects take as much time as you give yourself. • Q: What’s all that brown precipitate floating around? A: Probably your product. Filter it off and see. • reactions do not run themselves • Real chemists pee in the sink • Remember: If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the precipitate • Scale it up? Go BIG or GO HOME! • Ten seconds labelling a sample saves 30 minutes identifying it later. • The flask is our canvas…the periodic table is our paint. • The flask only falls when you are not there to catch it. • The more frequently you TLC a reaction, the sooner it goes to completion. • The more you try the luckier you get. • The success of a reaction is inversely proportional to the value you attach to it • The worse it smells, the greater chance that it will bump. • There are two kinds of people, those who finish and those who do not. • There is no try… there is do or do not • too much analysis leads to paralysis • Two weeks in the lab can save a day in the library • When in doubt, throw it out. • When you got 99%25 of a reaction right, you are still 100%25 wrong. • Yields go down faster, easier, and with less warning than they go up. • You can never have too much starting material. • You don’t have to be the smartest student in graduate school, just don’t be the slowest buffalo in the herd.

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