Có anh chị nào có ý tưởng về một điện cực có thể dùng làm anot trong điều kiện áp thế lớn mà không bị phá hủy không?

minhtruc chế tạo theo recipe này xem sao.

The fabrication of carbon electrodes was as follows: activated carbon (active material), graphite powder (conductivity enhancing material), polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE, binder), and carboxymethylcellulose (CMC, auxiliary binder) were mixed in a mass ratio of 90:4:4:2 and dispersed in deionized water (the mass ratio of carbon to water was set as 1:3). After stirring for several hours (typically 3 h), the slurry was cast onto aluminum foil (as a current collector, 30 mm in thickness) with an applicator. The carbon coated aluminum foil was then dried under vacuum at 120 °C for ca. 12 h, and punched in required size (16 mm in diameter) as electrodes. Apparent surface area of the electrode was ca. 2 cm2 and thickness was about 150 mm. Mass of active material in the activated carbon electrode was 4.96 mg.