English books available for sale


  1. The Official SAT Study Guide [8 tests, 904 pages]:85000VND Gain valuable experience by taking eight practice tests and receiving estimated scores. With 900 pages and 21 chapters, the Study Guide helps you prepare for the SAT by reviewing concepts, test-taking approaches, and focused sets of practice questions.

  2. Peterson’s Verbal Exercises for the Sat[4 tests, 264 pages]: 30000VND

  3. Verbal Workbook For The New SAT [3 tests, 400 pages]: 50000VND This workbook also features an extensive vocabulary list with definitions, an additional SAT high-frequency word list, and hundreds of practice and review questions covering sentence completion, reading comprehension, English grammar and usage, and essay writing.

  4. How To Prepare For the New SAT[8 tests, 878 pages]: 83000VND

Reflecting the updated test format, Barron’s new manual presents a diagnostic test and seven full-length practice tests, all with questions answered and explained, plus extensive review material covering all three test sections. An added feature is a set of vocabulary flashcards bound into the book’s spine on perforated card stock.

  1. CliffsTestPrep The NEW *SAT 462 pages : 55000VND

  2. Cracking The New SAT [3 test]: Revised and updated for the NEW SAT . Detailed explanations and dozens of examples . Book with CD includes seven full-length practice tests. Free access to extra testing and more help online . Drills for math and reading sections . SAT “Hit Parade” list of the 250 most important words.


  1. How To Prepare For The SAT II-Writing[5 tests, 416 pages]: 52000VND

  2. How To Prepare For The SAT II-Chemistry[4 tests, 384 pages]: 50000VND

  3. How To Prepare For The SAT II-Physics[3 test, 350 pages]: 48000VND

  4. Kaplan’s SAT II Physics[4 tests, 390 pages]:50000VND

  5. Cracking the SAT II –Math[4 tests, 420 pages]:52000VND

  6. Barron’s SAT II Biology[4 tests, 376 pages]:48000VND

  7. How To Prepare For The SAT II-Math IC [7 tests, 528 pages]: 55000VND


  1. The Official Guide For TOEFL IBT-ETS[386pages, 1 Audio CD]: 43000VND

In addition to actual TOEFL questionsfor practice, you will get detailed explanations ofwhat is being tested in each section and how eachsection is structured, plus expert tips on how to aceevery speaking and writing task. You will learn how toconstruct a good answer and how to integrate speaking,listening, and writing skills.

  1. The TOEFL iBT - Kaplan [488 pages,1 Audio CD + 1 CD ROM]: 59000VND

  2. Preparation Course For The TOEFL iBT - Longman [670 pages, 8 mini tests + 2 full length tests+1 CD-ROM+1 audio CD] : 70000VND

  3. Cracking The TOEFL iBT - The Princeton Review [528 pages, 1 full length practice tests+1 Audio CD] : 57000VND

  4. Delta’s Key to the next generation TOEFL[704 pages, 4 full length tests+1 audio CD]:72000VND

Lưu ý: giá nêu trên chưa bao gồm Audio CD/ CD-Rom. Chúng tôi có burn CD với giá 10000VND/CD.


  1. Mathematics the core course for A Level[384 pages]:50000VND

  2. Longman A Level Guide Chemistry[582 pages]:60000VND

  3. Heinemann Advanced Level Physics[942 pages]:90000VND

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(continue…) photos of English books’ cover for your references.

(continue…) photos of English books’ cover for your references.

(continue…) photos of English books’ cover for your references…

(continue…) photos of English books’ cover for your references…

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