Dicalite wb-6: Premium filler for quality paint

Seaward Chemicals is a leading supplier of specialty DICALITE WB-6. We would like to announce the development of a new filler product - WB-6. This product represents a new and exciting opportunity for you in the increasingly competitive marketplace for quality paints.

The WB-6 product is characterized by: [ul] [li]narrow particle size distribution [/li][li]extremely high brightness [/li][li]good flatting efficiency [/li][li]high bulking value [/li][li]good oil absorption capacity [/li][li]unique diatom structure and [/li][li]consistent quality [/li][/ul]

It has the following advantages: [ul] [li]Reduce cost of Titanium Dioxide Pigment and is a touch-up for emulsion paint. [/li][li]Very light weight i.e. low density i.e. ½ or less than ½ the weight of any filler. [/li][li]Improve appearance, produce good flatting efficiency and pigment suspension. [/li][li]Produce low gloss and sheen control in all coating systems. [/li][li]Ideal replacement for prime pigments with no loss in hiding power. [/li][li]Extremely high brightness and bulk density. [/li][/ul]

Application: Dispersion of WB-6 should be performed by high speed mixing or by addition to a Sand or Pebble Mill shortly before the final grind is completed.

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