Carbon Nanomaterials (Advanced Materials)

Carbon Nanomaterials (Advanced Materials)

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* Hardcover: 344 pages
* Publisher: CRC (June 20, 2006)
* Language: English
* ISBN: 0849393868
* List Price: $89.95 

Book Description:

Featuring the contributions of exceptional leaders in the field, Carbon Nanomaterials examines the special properties and practical synthesis for numerous carbon-based nanomaterials in the context of commercially available nanomaterials, emerging technologies, and future applications including composite materials, hydrogen storage medium, electrodes in batteries and supercapacitors and field-emitting devices. It emphasizes the the importance of nanotexture and surface chemistry in various modification methods used to customize properties for a wide range of applications and draws attention to challenges that must be addressed before they are fully integrated into the next generation of science and engineering applications

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