Analytical Chemistry for Technicians Third Edition

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Analytical Chemistry for Technicians, Third Edition (Analytical Chemistry for Technicians) by: John Kenkel Publisher: CRC Press | 3 edition (29 Oct 2002) | ISBN: 1566705193 | Pages: 584 | PDF | 15.9 MB

Like its bestselling predecessors, this thoroughly updated third edition is a powerful training tool for entry-level chemistry technicians. It explains analytical chemistry and instrumental analysis principles and how to apply them in the real world. It includes over 50 workplace scene side boxes that illustrate techniques; a CD that enhances training activities; and a working LIMS system that can be used in training programs. It provides over sixty experiments specifically relevant to the laboratory technician and each chapter contains a Questions and Problems section. The author uses the Voluntary Industry Standards for chemical process industry technicians.

." . . this book can be a valuable resource for any chemistry student and indeed, for practitioners, laboratory scientists, teachers, and professors-anyone who needs to know something about how laboratory analyses are carried out…Numerous experiments and questions at the end of the chapter illustrate concepts and manipulations taught in that chapter. The accompanying CD-ROM illustrates many of the concepts presented in the book and is designed to reinforce what has been learned. Summing up: Highly Recommended" -J.A. Siegel, Michigan State University “[The book has] comprehensive coverage of the analytical techniques students will most likely encounter when entering an industrial position. [Charts] provide a quick and useful summary of key ideas.” - Journal of Chemical Education, Vol. 82, No. 1, January 2005

[]Analytical Chemistry for Technicians 3rd ed - J. Kenkel (CRC, 2003)

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